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Danish Plantbased
Business Association


Thank you for visiting Plantebranchens little corner of the internet. We are very pleased to have you here and would gladly introduce ourselves.

We are a business association for the plant based industry in Denmark – working for a sustainable food system and representing a broad part of the voices in the field working with the same vision and values. Our members are progressive, brave and understand how important our food markets and food habits are as a part of a greener world in the future, and we are very proud to be a place for connecting those people.

Our purpose is to represent our members’ shared interest within plant based foods in relation to authorities, organizations, companies and markets, consumers, each other, the media and other relevant actors nationally and globally.


Join us and take responsibility – the industry needs you! If you are looking for membership details, don’t hesitate to contact our Head of Members, Julie, on or +45 5093 9494.

She can figure out how you are a match for Plantebranchen, practical details, answer your questions or simply just have a chat about the idea about being a member – if you’re up for a visit, schedule a meeting in our office and she will even make a very nice cup of coffee for you.

We are a lot of different members, from 1-(wo)man start ups to big, established worldwide firms. Some produce consumer goods and work in B2C markets, some are restaurants and cafées, some are food-tech-starts-ups, some are other business associations and some are completely something else. The more the merrier and we like to represent a diverse palette of members who seek to work in and for the plant based industry.


Let’s move on to some details about our actual role in the work of being the voice of the plant based industry. We work and operate in many ways – but you could roughly divide it into 3 main areas: influence, market development and community. 

This could be…

  • Working politically in many levels; locally, nationally, in EU and globally
  • Collaborating with others making reports, collecting data and sharing knowledge
  • Creating relations, conversations and connections between relations within and outside the industry
  • Being vocal and visible in press, social media and physical events
  • Hosting and facilitating events


We would very much like to be your new collaboration partner on the brilliant idea of yours.

Whether it’s…

  • Attending schools, companies or events doing workshops or talks
  • Making an event, webinar or seminar 
  • Visiting a member of ours
  • Writing a project application together
  • Doing a marketing or communication activity – articles, social media content or campaigns
  • Inviting our members to pitch products for your detail chain
  • Travel abroad and do some of the things listed above
  • Go on trips and collect inspiration
  • Or something else that you’re about to let us know about

It doesn’t matter where in the process you are – tip us about your brand new idea that you got overnight or let us know when it’s the final stage of your debate article and you need us to co-sign.

We have worked together with a bunch of clever heads before  – check out previous collaboration projects and activities.


If you’re a journalist, student or someone else interested in Plantebranchen, let Freya know on or +45 2988 7813. She can assist you on everything regarding press, cases, interviews etc. Don’t hesitate reaching out with other communication and press related questions as well.

If you’re looking for Plantebranchens visual assets, you can get our picture library and logo pack right here. It’s free to use but all rights reserved to us.



To sum up: Practically just contact us if you have any questions of any kind regarding our association, membership, our work, collaboration or something else.

We will gladly assist you and find the best solutions. You can find contact info on everyone in the secretariat right here.

Get in touch

We will gladly assist you and find the best solutions. You can find contact info on everyone in the secretariat by clicking this button.