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Global Foodture: Online Thematic Workshop: Plant-based and alternative proteins, new ingredients: source of innovation

20. april 2023 @ 9:00 11:00

Theme: Alternative proteins

Alternative proteins represent not only an ideal answer to main global food challenges such as nutrition, health, climate change, biodiversity, sustainability, and food security but also offer a huge potential of development. During this online masterclass, European and Asian SMEs will showcase innovative solutions applied to food industry. From valorisation of food microalgae and legumes, to the potential of insects and mushrooms, how new ingredients are sources of innovation?


Innovative ingredients for plant based
alternative proteins

The programme is coming soon.

Global Foodture is so much more than online workshops. You can also participate in online training on the four Asian focus countries (Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand). Global Foodture will prepare you for two company missions: 1) Thailand 21-24 May, 2023 and 2) Singapore in November 2023. At last but not least, you can meet potential collaboration partners online during the entire time or during the 4 dedicated matchmaking events. Curious and interested, please read more and register at the below link or contact Susanne Baden Jørgensen at